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I was a store manager for claires store #5272 Ny,Ny,5815 Edgewater nj, and 3485 willowbrook nj. for over 3.5yrs.

During these yrs i found myself working off the clock do to not having enough hours to do what needed to be done, example we were given allowed hours for the store but they never made sense. Shipment, Markdowns, Plano grams, CNN's sale up dates, and of course we needed to customer service. all this with one employee coverage Mon-thurs. As the store manager i was told that i had to make it work.

this turned into me working off the clock just to catch up, when i didnt have enough employees i would use my Personal,Sick,Vacation time to bring in employees, so i would enter 16hrs,29hrs,8hrs etc week after week, all the while i actually was at the store working,loosing my earned time just because i needed the man power, My DM Kristin Finney was aware, she would always say thank you i understand you do because you love your store and employees. we would have conversations off and on every month about this. me complaining that i dont have enough hours to run the store, and me having to use my personal time. great job jose you can be a rockstar in this company she would always say.

as of 10122014 i used and worked off the clock 582.5hrs... I was such a fool. i was allowed to work off the clock and use all my personal time but actually working. This is an unspoken evil in this company, alot of store managers have been working off the clock for years and it needs to stop.

Claires needs to be investigated. Dave,Maryann, Kristin Finney are allowing employees to work off the clock and turning there cheeks away. we are over worked underpaid, and i cant believe a fell for this for this long.

any store managers working off the clock in this company should contact there local labor dept as i did. they need to be held responsible.

Reason of review: unpaid work hours.

I didn't like: Coned to work off the clock.

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sounds like Claires!


Take your manager experience and look for a new job with a company that will treat your fairly and like a human with a proper work/life balance (that is, if you haven't already).

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