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My 12 year old daughter went to the Claire's in Town Center to have a second piercing in one of her ears. The lady that was doing the piercing had very little experience and we were told after the fact that this was only her eight piercing.

-The experience- The lady pierced my daughters ear but pierced the wrong location. She was traumatized by the experience. The lady then re-pierced my daughter ear in a different location and the proper location. My 12 year old daughter saved up her own money for almost six months to pay for the piercing.

She now has an extra whole in her ear she has to endure additional pain of two piercings as well as the swelling and as I said before being traumatized by the horrible experience. The job was not done right so we complained to the manger who was very rude and made us feel like it was our fault and offered nothing for the terrible experience.

I believe that if a job is not done right the customer should not have to pay for the service. We have a very unhappy 12 year old customer that should have her money refunded.

Product or Service Mentioned: Claires Ear Piercing.

Reason of review: Provided a service and did not do it properly.

Monetary Loss: $72.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Way i was treated was very unprofessional, Terrible service, Millinea the manger was very rude and very unprofessional, Kayla was an trained ear piercing employee.

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They practice on bears with the piercing guns js... i don’t know why you people go there


Honestly, ear piercings are supposed to hurt. Expecting their employees to pierce every one of their customers perfectly and having loads of experience is simply having too high of an expectation, especially when the piercing itself is free.

People who are experienced requires many failed attempts like the one your daughter has experience, in order to develop their skills in the first place. And while I sympathize that it is unfortunate your daughter's ear was pierced badly, that it must be very painful, the extra hole in her ear will at most scar and then completely disappear in a few months.

That's just how fast ear lobes heal over, and it's also why it takes about a year before people can finally take off their earrings overnight.Also, I am not a Claire's employee. I'm a former customer-my experience overall was good, however my mother went through the same experience your daughter did at Claire's.


Calll 1800claires and explain your situation. They will offer you a full refund with the return of the earrings and solution.


I'm sorry to hear what your daughter endured, and sorry to hear of the pain she's in! This was absolutely not her fault, and you both trusted them to know what they were doing.

Unfortunately instead of being honest with you about their lack of experience, they chose to muddle through it at your daughter's expense, both emotionally and physically. That's not right at all. If she wants to try piercings again someday, I suggest skipping Claire's and similar places altogether and going to an authorized retailer of jewelry like NeoMetal, BVLA, Anatometal, and LeRoi. It will likely be around the same amount of money as what you lost out on with Claire's, but with that money comes wholly custom jewelry from professional piercers with years of experience behind them.

These piercers often will hold membership with the APP. These piercers will also have your daughter's well-being and health as their top priority, instead of money the way Claire's and similar places do.


I am so sorry your daughter had to endure two piercings. I took my oldest daughter to Claire’s many years ago and I think I was more traumatized then she.

I will never forget her legs flying up when they shot the earrings in. Then my youngest daughter wanted her ears pierced. Her father took her.

You know some people get flustered when they are stressed.

The manager could have handled it better and she probably realizes that now.

Unfortunately you were a learning subject for her. I hope your daughters ear heals well.

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