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Took my daughter to Claires at Greenbrier mall in Chesapeake VA. I read a sign that says "ENTIRE STORE BUY 3 GET 3 FREE" and below that it says "purchase 6 items and get the 3 lowest priced items free, excludes gift cards and piercings." So I patiently wait for my 6 year old daughter to pick out 6 items, after an hour we are ready to check out, but wait....

all but 1 item isn't included in the buy 3 get 3 free. I was told that it is on selected items, not the entire store (which completely contradicts the sign). I don't know how this isn't false advertisement.

Bait and switch comes to mind..... I took a picture of the sign.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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They probably had smaller signs in the store discribing their terms. The few times I have been in the store there is usually two price points.


Why not just ask what’s included and not included or why not ask how the sale works

to Anonymous #1396938

Did you not see the picture of the sign clearly posted?


Seriously. Have your 6 YEAR OLD pick out something else that is on sale.

There are bigger things to worry about in life. To make a scene over this is ridiculous.

to Anonymous #1380826

Well my daughter had a set amount of money to spend.. After an hour of her agonizing on what to get I was ready to go.

So when the sign says entire store, to me that means everything in the store except for the exclusions on the sign. Not half of the store.

And what "scene" are you referring to?

to Anonymous #1396940

Ignore them. It's just a troll. They are all over this website.

to Anonymous #1419018

well honestly i’m assuming the “scene” was posting about this even though you could’ve solved this problem quickly and more maturely.

to Anonymous #1521937

I've worked there and it is misleading. So are the piercings, I got 1 practice ear then was expected to wing it.

There is no certificate given. They also wanted us to lie to customers, tell them we were out of standard solution so they'd have to pay more for rapid.Their motto "be the hero" is laughable at best. The store I was in, {{Redacted}}, had food and drinks on the cashwrap. It was a joke.

Never ever, trust your child's ears to that place.

I did what I could but I am not going to lie to good customers for extra money. They reek of lies and sell jewelry you can buy on Wish.com.


The issue here is they're using the wrong signs, there are different ones they should be using that say ALMOST entire store B3G3 Free, and lists certain exclusions in fine print. I'd bring this up with the Store Manager and have them honor your purchase at the deal they're currently advertising.


Hopelessly vague As-is .

Therefore subject to easy misinterpretation.



And you should have asked on the way in for clarification.

I hate that store but my daughter and her pals didn't ...

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