I had my ears pierced at Claires accessories just over 5 weeks ago.The earrings they used were made from stainless steel but the decorative ball at the front had small "gems" attached.I followed their advice with cleaning,turning the earrings and everything seemed to be going fine.

Just over 2 weeks later the front of one of the earrings fell off.I was left with the bar and butterfly and just a small spiky bit of metal showing at the front.I went back to Claires and they told me they weren't able to take the earring out themselves,I would have to do it myself.They gave me a replacement earring,the same as the one that was broken.So,once back home I attempted to remove the earring.It was hard to hold the front while trying to *** the butterfly as there wasn't anything much to grip.Eventually it came off,having made my ear bleed a little in the process.I cleaned my ear thoroughly and put in the replacement earring.Again everything seemed to be going well,although that ear was still slightly more tender than the other one.

Then,this morning the exact same thing happened with the other ear and the ball on that earring fell off! I couldn't believe it.I examined the part that had come away and it was starting to disintegrate with small flakes of material and "gems" coming away.This time there wasn't so much "spike" showing and nothing I could get hold of to remove it.It was virtually flush with my earlobe.So,this time I decided to go to a professional piercing parlour to see if they could save the piercing as no way was i going back to Claires to be offered one of their shoddy replacements.

The person I saw at the piercing parlour was brilliant.Examined my ears for me and removed the broken earring with pliers..that stung a bit! Turns out both ears are infected and he advised me to go to my doctors to have them examined.Now I'm on antibiotics and have to let the piercing heal over completely.Next time I have them pierced they will be by a someone professional and trained,not a shop assistant who has qualified in a couple of hours!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I got my ears pierced at Claire’s and they hurt badly and one of my earings have came out and I tired to out it back in. But I can’t get it through the whole it’s only been a week.

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1260273

Same thing happened to me.

London, England, United Kingdom #1177769

omg the same thing happened to me and i went to claire's i don't know what to do


Maybe you should've been more concerned about letting your ears heal properly rather than the appearance of the CHEAP earrings you purchased. By manhandling your ears with your dirty hands to remove the earrings, YOU caused your own infection.

You should have just left the earrings in place, as you were instructed to do, until the ears were fully healed. YOU ARE ENTIRELY AT FAULT HERE, NOT CLAIRES, YOU FOOL!

to Anonymous #1170700

I agree

to Anonymous #1356088

To the person who says it's her fault, no it's not. It's *** low income people like you that works for Claire's fault.

Same thing happen over here and I paid extra for earrings. They need a class action lawsuit against them.


first off As a Claire's employee, we aren't just qualified in a couple of hours. We are trained for weeks until we feel ready to begin on a person.

Sometimes, even the manager will allow us to pierce them! Second of all, stainless steel is never recommended to pierce with for a starter piercing. Just because it's cheap doesn't mean it's the best. At my store, we always push 14 kt gold.

Regardless of the price, your safety is more important. Thirdly, we do not make the earrings that we Pierce with. We only use the ones that we are given through shipment. Please note that some factories do make mistakes when manufacturing products.

Anyways, just trying to stand by my point of view as being an employee. Customers always are so unappreciative for what we do and it isn't fair at all.

to Anonymous #1056684

You for one don't understand customer service, that is evident the moment you blamed customersto be unappreciative!


Hmmm. Was it your first piercing?

Maybe it's you. I don't say that to be mean. My brothers skin has a very high acid level and he has a very hard time wearing jewelry. He had his ears pierced when he was a teenager and had very similar problems.

Necklaces end up wearing thin and breaking on him, even expensive ones.

He ended up having to get his wedding ring tattooed on because they just get eaten through by the acids in his skin. When he got his ears pierced it was by a professional at a tattoo parlor.

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