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When I was younger(I am now 20) I got my ears pierced here and the earring was so small that it went INSIDE my earlobe! It was so painful and my parents couldn't get it out so we had to go to a doctor.

Now, years later, my little sister just got hers pierced and my mother even asked the lady piercing them if the earring was too small, as she did not want what happened to me to happen to my sister, the lady assured her they were fine and nothing would happen. Me and my dad just had to attempt to get the earring out of her ear lobe as she cried in pain! The earring was SO tight and SO small that it began to press against the ear and there is now a hole the size of a belly button piercing(which is A LOT larger than a ear piercing!) My mother is going back there this weekend to talk to a manager and is demanding a refund!


This person wrote the review because of bad quality at Claires and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $27 and wants Claires to issue a full refund.

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Almost all of you wrong here I'm an assistant manager for Claire's and you have to go threw training to be certified to do piercings. Very rare that anyone under 18 is doing the piercing and every well trained employee will not only provide you with a clean and completely sanatary work station but they full explaine the aftercare and risk.

Efore doing the piercing ... in fact the contract you sign to have it done (and you receive a copy of) also explained we do all them things and your provided a booklet on the same information just to be sure you can read threw yourself just I case you missed something during the verbal explication. If you got an embedded earring then the problem was due to your negligence, lack of actually cleaning your ears 3 times a day for 3-8 wks for lobes and 8-16 wks for cartilage based on the aftercare you select (the ear in the picture is green for crying out loud) you didn't ck your backing was secure and you didn't turn them with each cleaning. Had these things been done you wouldn't have had an embedding.

As embedding is caused by consumer negligence.

Don't blame Claire's for something they can't control. We follow all safety guidelines if you don't follow up properly that's your fault.


The earrings are not too small for your ears. If the back if on too tight then it can become embedded into the ear lobe.

There a little indentation on the post of the earring where the back of the earring is supposed to be. Another issue could be that you have thicker ear lobes and need a long post which Claires provides.

to Anonymous Central Square, New York, United States #937327

You are EXACTLY correct. It is a condition known as embedding, caused by the back of the earring being on too tightly (not resting on the safety notch located on the earring post), which basically results in the front of the earring being pulled into the ear.

This can happen no matter where you get your ears pierced.

However, it is something that should be discussed with you by any piercer....my daughter had hers done at Claire's (3 times, including cartilage and no problems) and we were educated by our piercer (an experienced store manager) on embedding and the risks of the earring back being on too tight. We were also told that normal day to day activity can cause the earring back to work itself on tighter, and were advised that every time we cleaned her ears (3 times a day), we were to check that the earring back was on the safety notch, located a safe distance from the back of the ear lobe.

to NosyRosy Central Square, New York, United States #937329

....and if one felt the earring was too small to begin with, why would one chose that particular earring (cheapest perhaps)??? There are many larger styles to select from....

to NosyRosy #1357736

So you're saying if you can't afford the more expensive ones you deserve to have to have them surgically removed? It doesn't matter if she picked the least expensive .

They are there to buy. They shouldn't carry them if there too small.

Port Orange, Florida, United States #929181

Actually, dermatologist use to and some still do ear piercing. That is the best and safest way to get your ears pierced.

It's a part of you body, and because you're opening a hole into flesh it's considered a minor surgical procedure. So let the professionals do it, instead of taking chances of getting who knows what kind of disease from a mom & pop shop that's cheaper! Just saying.

. .

London, London, United Kingdom #929011

Everyone knows you shouldn't pierce your ears at Claire's and that you should go to a professional piercing shop that uses a needle than a gun, even for lobes, because of the risk of infections and the fact that they don't know what they're doing. This is coming from someone who has a number of piercings. Please treat your body well and get a professional piercing, they have similar prices to Claire's and a cleaner (and safer) area to have your piercing done.

to Anonymous #929012

I would hardly say "everyone knows". But, I do agree, don't go to Claire's and let some 17 year old pierce your ears as they don't know what they are doing.

When I was 17, I was hired to work in a chain similar to Claire's and I received no training on piercing ears, even though it was a main portion of my job.

I had no clue what I was doing. Definitely spend a few extra bucks and go to any tattoo shop that does piercings or specializes in them and you won't have the problems as described above.


What BS.

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