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January 30TH bought the three week packaged deal,49 dollars. Yesterday we changed her earrings, took them out over night , Today her left ear is closed off.

We spent fifty dollars in the Charlottesville yesterday. She is six years old! She won't let me work on that ear. I was told the three week cleaning process would allow us to change in three weeks.

I tried calling Claire's, surprise their help line is only available when I'm at work. I'm really mad!

Product or Service Mentioned: Claires Piercing.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You're not supposed to leave them out for an extended period of time for the first 5-6 months.


Did you leave them out overnight? For the first 6 months you need earrings in at all times :/


I work at Claire’s and we tell you that if you change the earring after 3 weeks to put a new earring back in straight away and not to leave them out, you should have a earring in the lobes for 6 months continuously, leaving the earring out over night after only a month was the mistake made here

to Clairesworker13 #1544623

Hi I got my ears pierced yesterday and I bought the rapid bottle. I was wondering if after 3 weeks I could put in plastic earrings as I’m not allowed normal earrings thanks byee!


It’s because you need to replace the earring after three weeks not stop wearing


The issue is this. After 3 weeks you can change the actual earring. The ear supposedly stops closing up a year and a half after piercing them.


you didn’t do “EVERYTHING RIGHT” though........


You are not suppose to take earrings out unless you immediately put new ones in. I think you made a mistake in leaving ears out overnight.

That's why it closed up on you. For the first 6 months always wear earrings.


To the pissed off customer... I understand why you would be upset but I did read the after care instructions.

You mentioned you left them out overnight.

It clearly states that you can change them but only take them out long enough to put a different pair in. It says nothing about keeping them out overnight.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1198869

You did it wrong.

Your pink sheet given to you after the piercing had the instructions clearly on the back, to have a post earring in for six months continously.

You may change the earring after three weeks, but you cannot leave it out. It's very clear.

Read the paperwork.


An earring must be in the ear for 6 weeks. Then when it is changed it must be changed immediately. It cannot be left without and earring overight for at least a year.

to Anonymous North Ridgeville, Ohio, United States #1136666

Actually there is a new solution that is for 3 weeks healing time. You can change the earring in half the healing time but the earrings can not be left out for more than 4 hours at a time. I have worked at Claire's and I still get my ear care solution from there.

to ***ny #1188660

You can change the earring after 3 weeks with the rapid care solution- but an earring must be in the ears at all time for 6 months to a year. Healing time means how longs it takes until you can remove the piercing earrings to which ever ones you like


You obviously didn't read the car instructions. It makes a clear point of leaving the earrings in for a minimum of 6 weeks.


Hello! I'm sorry to hear that happened.

The process is actually 6 weeks. I used to work for the company.

Even after 6 weeks you have be super precautions because the ears are very sensitive and are able to close after not having them in for even a few hours. For the first 6 months you should always have earrings in.

to Anonymous #1136668

There are now two solutions. A 6 week healing time and a 3 week healing time.

They got the 3 week package. They just need to make sure that during the first year not to leave anything out of the ear for more than 4 hours at a time.

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