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Ok, at the very end of March this year I went to Claire's to get my second lobe piercing. I told her about how I've had some very rough expieriences with piercings.

She already seemed nervous and shaky, but after I told her about this she looked mortified. Like always, they mark with the little purple marker to see if you like the positioning. I said yes they looked pretty even and lined up where I wanted them to be. So, she pierced them with the little gun, and I noticed the second was very painful.

I thought nothing of it, and went on with my day. I noticed that night that the piercing on my right ear was WAY off to the side, and very out of place. Having OCD, it drove me ballistic, but I let it be. I took thorough care of the piercings and tried to be as gentle as possible.

It's August now and the piercing is constantly infected and I just decided to take it out and pierce it my own *** self. So I did, and just a few days later, it already feels way better and look much nicer than it ever did before. I am never going to Claire's again.

The time before this, the gun got stuck in my ear and took 30 minutes to get out. (If you look closely, you can see the first time it was done very close to the edge of my ear.) (and yes I had my third lobe done a few weeks ago.)

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The same thing happened to my friend and she had to get stiches because it ripped through her ear.

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