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My 6 year old got her ears pierced at Claire's on August 23rd.We used the antiseptic solution they gave us and rotated the earrings daily as instructed, for 6 weeks, with no issues.

I noticed today, October 13th, 8 weeks later, that she was missing an earring on one side. I mentioned it to her and she grabbed her ear and insisted it was still there, she could feel it. Upon further inspection I discovered the earring back WAS INSIDE OF HER EARLOBE. Talk about traumatizing.

I was able to use antiseptic spray and q-tips to wiggle it free and remove it. The other side with the earring still in, was also imbedded but not nearly as bad. I was able to remove that also. She is going to have scars on both earlobes.

An hour later, antibiotic ointment, a few bandaids and plenty of anxiety attacks and she is doing just fine, but had it gotten any more imbedded it could have turned out much worse. I included pictures of after I removed the backs.

I have read in several places online this is common with the type of metal Claire's uses.Moral of the story, go to a professional piercer to get your children's ears pierced, or even better, avoid it all together.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of claires ear piercing. Claires needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Bristol, Tennessee, United States #1240206

When someone gets their ears pierced at Claire's the ear rings are lose & there is a notch on the post that the back locks on. They are lose purposely so the ear rings don't get embedded. So your daughter could've tightened the ear ring or somehow they could've tightened on their own?

Bromborough, Wirral, United Kingdom #1233739

This happened to my daughter too, except the backs of her earrings had become so embedded that she had to have incisions made at A&E without any anaesthetic and loaded with morphine- so traumatising!Apparently it's the metal

Claire's uses, the earring post corroded within my daughter's ear.

The body goes into fight mode to try and expel what it feels is foreign but instead the skin grows over the back of the earring.

Please don't ever use these awful coated earrings and also I was told that safety backs would have also prevented this from happening.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #1227701

You must be some special kind of ***.

An embedding has nothing to do with metals - it's about too much pressure from the earring being too tight.

Most likely, the backing was dislodged from the safety notch, and was pressed too tightly against the ear. This can happen from your daughter touching/playing with it, or getting caught on something such as hair, clothes, etc.

Either way, this was caused from negligence on YOUR part, as embeddings take time to form and your job is to check the backings daily while cleaning to ensure they are still in their safety notches.

If this had been a metal reaction, which is completely different, it would've happened within 24-48 hours, not 8 weeks later.This has nothing to do with Claire's or their ear piercing, this is about stupidity.

to Anonymous New Albany, Ohio, United States #1228048

First of all you don't call customers ***. If an earring is to tight it hurts and someone would complain. I have worn earrings for 60 years and so have all my daughters nothing like this has ever happened.

It certainly can be a metal reaction/not allergic.

Newark, New Jersey, United States #1227509

Yes, a professional place is a good choice or like a physician's office. However, sometimes it's also good advice for anyone piercing their child to make sure the earrings are 14K gold to avoid infections.

Fox Lake Hills, Illinois, United States #1226840

Same thing happened to one of my daughters. The earring was embedded in her ear and her earlobe had swollen to the size of a grape. Don't go to claires

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