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Review about Claires Ear Piercing from Manteca, California 4 of 4 people found it helpful
Our Claire's store is located in a mall. An elementary girl not more than 8yrs old was being held by her father who had numerous tattoos and wearing a civilian army outfit on. The employee and father kept encouraging her to let the employee pierce the second ear. The girl kept screaming "take it out, it hurts too much" over and over. This went on for a heart-breaking long time until I couldn't stand it any longer and approached them. I...
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  • Traumatized by forced piercing of girl
I went to get my cartridge pierced for my 15th birthday at Claires located in the mall. Big mistake! First of all, the girl who was my "piercer" looked like she was the same age as me! Then, when all the paperwork was filled out and I was ready to go, I watched as she pulled out the supplies from the drawer and the stud, and then placed them on the counter. The counter with visible hand prints and smudges. Next, she opened the gun from its...
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2 months ago I got my ears pierced at claires in Modesto, Ca. I had two workers, one on both sides of my ears. They both told me they would do it the same time for a quicker process. They counted down and my right ear was quick and easy. The woman working on my left ear however, got the gun stuck to my ear somehow which hurt more. She eventually got it off and I was excited about them as I took off. During the 2 months I've had them on, I...
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Left my ears infected. I cleaned them several tines a day more than what they say i even tried actual acohol. I decided nothing worked and they hurt badly it was my second hole. I let them close back to reheal and go sonewhere else with mkre skills. The piercings were extremly uneven and low and not where the blue dots were i am sure because i did not say at the bottom of my ears. Now they have huildup left inside that wont go away. I asked a...
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Claires Ear Piercing Review from Pearland, Texas
The Claire's lady made my ear bleed and now I can't wear an earring in one ear.i have to redo it!UGH!!
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